Shelf No.2 | Valerie Objects | Muller van Severen


Valerie Object Shelf No.2
Brand: Valerie Objects
Designer: Muller van Severen

Size:  99 cm x 25cm

After designing highly stylized cabinets, tables, chairs and others, Muller Van Severen now tackles the most elementary of furniture: the shelf. With shelf n°1/2/3/4, a series of four pieces with varying lengths between 75 centimeters and two meters, Muller Van Severen takes the shelf back to its bare essence. Shelf consists solely of one steel plate and nothing more. Even the brackets are laser-cut flaps on the edge of the plate itself, folded upward and downward, discarding any visual obstructions. Shelf is available in five refined colors: mustard, cream white, light grey, anthracite and brick red. “It is a very modular object with which can be played.” Fien Muller says. Indeed, the simple design can be used to create colorful compositions or minimalist vertical ranges. The choice is up to the residents.