Rivet Shelf | Small | Frama CPH


Product: Rivet shelf

Brand: Frama, design by Jonas Trampedach, 2014

Materials: Untreated Aluminium

Dimensions: H20.6 x L87.6 x D24.4 cm

Price: € 615

Aluminium is difficult to weld and screw. With that in mind a riveting/tenon technique was developed for this Rivet project. This was also a way to experiment with different variations of visual assembling. The straightforward design is laser cut and hammered by hand, which puts it in a category between craftsmanship and industrial production.

The shelf can be used for storage and display. Due to the use of untreated aluminium, patina and marks may differ per box, they are all unique!

– Easy to mount with the separate backplate
– Small variations may occur as a result of the craftsmanship
– The raw untreated aluminum will patinate over time and scratches, marks and a tinted materiality will occur.

The Rivet Shelf explores basic storing facets within one shape and functions as a storage and display platform. Based on a historically known hand construction technique the Rivet Series is made of laser-cut raw aluminium sheets, hereafter joined together by a hand-hammering technique. The design is a symbiosis between craftsmanship and industrial production, furthermore a celebration of the purity of the aluminium material which is left untreated with the honesty of the material in mind.