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Matthias De Vogel

Matthias De Vogel - Good with my hands

Matthias De Vogel created his textile lab and studio Fault Lines in 2015. Here he experiments with traditional ideas of textile art and reinterprets this in a new way, and with succes! Check out his latest publication in Elle decoration UK.  But how did he start this special craft and why weaving!? We wanted to […]

Exhibition Kenneth Jaworski

Kenneth_Jaworski_EXH Nov. '18_journal

Kenneth Jaworski Since the year 2000, when Kenneth Jaworski moved from Buffalo (New York) to The Netherlands, the idea of “landscapes” played a role, albeit an abstract one, in his work. But why? We want to know all about him! That’s why we asked him some questions before the opening evening at The Modern on […]