“The details are not the details, they make the design”
– Charles Eames

Our top three Eames 

Eames, a common known brand for those who love interior and design.
You can imagine Eames furniture takes up a lot of space in our Amsterdam Showroom,
let alone in our designer hearts. In 1979 Charles and Ray Eames received the Award for most influential Designer of the 20th Century. Now, 40 years later Eames is without doubt still one of the most influential Designers and it certainly shows. 

To make it easy on you, we listed a few of our favorite must-have Eames designs.

You’ve probably heard of their all famous lounge chair and ottoman,
one of the most significant furniture designs of the twentieth century. Introduced in 1956 and never out of style. The lounge chair would fit perfectly in your home office, living room or even bedroom! Because of the neutral colors this set is made for any interior.
Not sure if this is the right choice for you? Let us help you!

Looking for new dining chairs? Feel like you need something unique and distinguishing?
The Molded fiberglass chairs are exactly that.
Available in a range of authentic colors, combine your arm or side chair with a legbase that’s most suitable for you and your interior.
Luckily these chairs have more purposes then waiting for you to have dinner.
They could be your new rocking chair nearby your biggest window, or pick a bright color and there is your ultimate eye-catcher.

Time Magazine certainly isn’t the only one ranking the molded plywood chairs “Design of the century”. As Charles and Ray were experimenting with new techniques and ways to bend wood, they created the plywood Chair, a comfortable design, a little different than others, unique as ever. This chair would be a great addition to your living space, easy to style and suitable for every occasion. 

Before you know it, you’re the proud owner of these designer pieces, made to last a lifetime.