Eames | vintage | Parchment fiberglass rocker


Product: Parchment rocking chair
Design by: Ray and Charles Eames
Produced by: Herman Miller
Material: Fiberglass
Price: €995

The Eames RAR, which is short for Rocking Arm Chair on Rod Base, was one of the ‘original 5’ released in 1950. The RAR remains a favorite with collectors, complete families and designers.

The rocking chair was originally marketed as a rocker chair ‘good for young mothers’, to put it in the nursery and to nurse their babies in. A little old fashioned and not only young mothers, but people of all ages and gender-identities fell in love with the rocking chair. Not only great for the nursery, but in every little nook and corner of your house.

The Eames rocking chair was launched as one option of the original 5 base options, which included the DAR Eiffel, Dowel DAW, 4-leg DAX and the LAR ‘cats cradle’ base.

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