The Eames DSW chairs are made out of fiberglass,  a material that lasts forever and becomes even more beautiful with time. Thats why some Eames chairs have been around for decades. But some other parts of the chair do age and wear out slowly. That is why we have set up a special Eames repair service. This way you don’t have to get rid of your beautiful chair but you can enjoy sitting on it for years.

Shock Mounts repair

The legs of an Eames fiberglass chair are attached to the seat by Shock Mounts. There is quite a bit of tension on these Shock Mounts while sitting on the chair. And after years they sometimes get loose. Also the screw thread in the Shock Mounts gets older by time and need to be replaced sometimes. We can supply new Shock Mounts for your chair.

The costs for replacing the Shock Mounts are €130 per seat.

Replacing the legs of your chair

The legs of your chair are ready for a replacement maybe because they are worn out or maybe because you like some change. And that is where the Eames fiberglass chairs are so great for, because you can change the legs in three different models: Dowel base, H base or Eiffel base. Dowel in either light or dark wood and the H- & Eiffel- base in black or chroom. Click HERE to see what the different bases look like!

The prices vary from €150 to €180 per set of legs.

Cleaning your chairs

After years of sitting on your chairs they lose there shine and color. But don’t worry with a little touch they will shine again!

We will clean the chairs completely for you en set them in some polycarbonaat.

The price per chair for this is: €20

Complete repair

If you have more than one chair to repair or if more than one repairing mentioned above should be done for your chair, we can make you a good deal.

More info

For more information contact us at info@bythemodern.com or give us a call at 020 – 261 26 3790