PK1 | Carl Hansen & Søn


Product: PK1
Design by: Poul Kjærholm | 1955
Brand: Carl Hansen & Søn
Material: Stainless steel & Flag Halyard (for other finishes, ask for more details)
Price: € 584,-

The light, elegant and comfortable PK1 – Poul Kjærholm’s very first dining chair – was designed in 1955 and marked the beginning of an impressive career.

Kjærholm became known for his modernist steel, leather and glass furniture. After training as a cabinetmaker, he studied furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1952.

Kjærholm returned as a lecturer in 1955, succeeding Ole Wanscher as professor in 1976. He remained at the Academy until his death in 1980, influencing through his work and teaching both within and outside the Academy.

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