Cool stuff is happening! On May 3rd we proudly present the exhibition ‘Organic Sequences’ by Jana Kleine-Kalmer. We were not only drawn by her work because of its beauty, but also because of its calming effect on the mind.

Jana tells us a bit more about her work:

I began drawing as a way to slow everything down. The repetitive work was a simple and effective way to quiet my mind. After some time, the work itself evolved into an act of meditation.

A process where I don’t have to focus on the outcome, structures slowly unfold and grow organically with the flow of the ink. Results cannot be influenced or forced, the dynamic of the moment defines the drawing.

Each illustration is unique and reflects my moods of the hours and days it has been created on.

These naturally developing motives are framed by the static borders of basic geometric forms. The contrast of imperfect ornaments and the flawless shapes creates a balanced new whole.

My main source of inspiration is nature, the associations are boundless. Always curious about structures and textures, I see ‘organic sequences’ everywhere.
In the everchanging waves of water or the stony scapes of mountains, from the micro scale of an insect’s wing to the makro dimension of faraway planets.